Additional BBCodes operating on this board

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Additional BBCodes operating on this board

Postby Rik on 03 Dec 2008, 16:43

The following codes can be used when posting a message:

Use the s button to draw a line through selected text - like this

Include a font of your choice in your posts with the font= button - place the name of your desired font after the = sign - like this

Background colours
You can highlight words and phrases using the background= button (with the desired colour after the = sign) - it works a bit like a highlighting pen - like this

Of course, if you're happy highlighting your text with a yellow background, then the mark button will be easiert and quicker to use.

Blocks of text can be indented using the indent button ...
... like this

... though be aware that this hack may lose you half a line if placed at the end of a post - which can be solved by adding a return and a full stop after the indented block

Hidden text
Use the hide button to write grey text on a grey background - the text can only be read when the user highlights the text with their mouse like this

Preformatted text
If you want your post to include preformatted text - in other words you want to preserve whitespace and returns - then use the detail button; be aware the text will be rendered in a monospace font by default, but you can still modify the text with the other buttons ...
like this and this
and this, of course
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