Lands and Societies

Concening the Societies and cultures found on Kalieda

Lands and Societies

Postby Rik on 18 Dec 2008, 12:39

The political map of Ewlah is a complex map to draw, partly because of the complex webs of treaties and agreements between individual settlements, cities and Lands, but also because to date nobody has been able to come up with a succinct description of what a Land is. For this reason, the maps that are presented in this Encyclopaedia come with a health warning: what the maps show as a Land may not represent the true nature of the political and cultural realities on the ground.

Even the concept of a Society is open to debate. For instance, the people who form the Balhe Society are quite clear in their minds that there is such a thing as a Balhe Society; however people from other Societies - such as the Istran Society or the Vreski Society - will often deny that Balhe Society exists, but rather consider it to be a part of a much wider Vreski Society on the grounds that the Balhe peoples are entirely descended from Vreski stock.

Similarly, there is some debate about whether the Bartak, Pentuuk and Ambostak Societies are indeed Societies in their own right. In fact, the Bartak peoples would argue that they are the true descendants of the ancient (and possibly mythical) Bartak Empire that ruled the continent of Cheidrah some 3,000 orbits ago. The Ambostak people hold similar beliefs, though with themselves in the leading role and all other Societies being degenerate corruptions and copies. The Pentuuk Society takes a different stance again, arguing that everyone from Cheidrah is part of the same Society, and Bartak and Ambostak and Pentuuk are just different names for the same thing.
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