Gevey storytelling and stories

Storytelling is an important strand within Gevey society (as is drama), and a large corpus of stories has developed since the slave rebellion and escape into the interior of the continent. While the main purpose of the stories is to entertain, they also help to teach children about their society, and reinforce Gevey society's mores within the adult population. Of course, each storyteller will relate their own unique version of a story, and will often vary details between each telling. But the basic storylines have remained stable for hundreds of orbits.

While the stories may seem simple on the surface, they contain a lot of information about Gevey society's views on relationships, the surrounding environment and the religious myths and beliefs which underpin the everyday lives of native speakers.

Each of the stories is presented in four parts: the story itself with a translation, a more detailed interlinear translation, a pdf page presenting the story in the native script, and a page of notes offering details of the story's (and the storyteller's) origins and place within the storytelling tradition. Please do bear with us while each set of webpages are finalised.

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