The continent of Cheidrah

Cheidrah is the smallest continent of the planet Kalieda, after Falah and Ewlah. By far the most prominent feature of the continent is the polar ice cap - approximately 9 million Km² in total area - covering a significant proportion of the landmass as well as all the ocean above latitude 77°N .

Within a century of the first appearance of permanent ice in the north lands of the continent, the new ice cap had turned a temperate and productive continent into a barren land that could only support human habitation in the south. Alongside the formation of the ice cap, there was also a significant drop in the mean sea level across the planet. It was the onset of these related events which triggered the migration of the populations that were to become the Bartak, Ambostak and Pentuuk Societies to the newly inviting continent of Ewlah.

The figures speak for themselves:

Region Population (gt470) Population (gt570) Population today
Hambosga 3.9 million a handful of settlements abandoned
Terys 3.7 million 2.2 million around 2 million
Mus'hal 0.5 million 2.0 million around 2 million
Tells 6.0 million 0.7 million abandoned
Brhul Keng 2.8 million 0.8 million a handful of settlements
Kumby 2.1 million 0.8 million abandoned
Mâs Yas 3.2 million 1.9 million around 1 million
Massos 8.7 million 3.0 million around 1 million
Codrol 7.5 million 2.4 million a handful of settlements
Milys 7.0 million 3.4 million around 2 million
Batal 2.7 million a handful of settlements abandoned
Kumatti 1.6 million 0.8 million a handful of settlements
Akady Yang 1.1 million 2.6 million around 3 million
The north lands 3.1 million abandoned abandoned
Total 53.9 million 21.5 million around 11 million

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